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Request Athletic Training - Permanent Positions

The Request Athletic Training Services Page where individuals looking for athletic training services may submit their requests. It should be noted that once these requests are submitted, they are posted to the athletic trainers in Oregon who are OATS members. By submitting the form, it DOES NOT GUARANTEE that an athletic trainer will respond to your request. At least two weeks notice is generally recommended for PRN service requests.

Below are requirements of OATS to send to our List Serv. While we have a minimum requirement for pay please note that the going rate is typically between $40-$50 per hour.

Permanent Positions:

  1. The position must first be posted on the NATA Career Center. There are a variety of posting options available so make sure you select the most appropriate option. Additionally, athletic training positions in secondary schools may be eligible to post on the NATA Career Center for a discounted rate.

  2. After the position is posted on the NATA Career Center please contact the OATS Secretary Kurt Smet to have the position announcement sent to the OATS membership. Include in this email the blurb / details of the position including your contact information that you would like shared with the OATS members. Also please utilize correct terminology in your announcement, such as Athletic Trainer or AT instead of Trainer.

  3. OATS will then send out the position announcement to OATS members.



By submitting this form I acknowledge that all information is true and accurate. I further understand that it is not the responsibility of OATS to fill this position nor are they liable if said position is not filled.

Request for Athletic Training
Permanent Position

Thanks for submitting!

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