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During awareness week the Honor and Awards committee highlighted our Ally Award winners for 2019.  At the Pacific University home football game, Dr. Butler was presented with his award and thanked him for his dedication and advocacy.  Through several social media posts, we also highlighted  Michael “Mick” Koester for his unwavering support of Atheltic Trainers and Safety in School/Youth Sports. 


We are now accepting nominations for 5 OATS Honor and Awards.  This year we have a new award: Golden Pillar.  This award recognizes an individual who demonstrated exceptional commitment, dedication, and devotion to their patients, community, and profession over an extended period of time.   Please review all of our awards and helps us recognize deserving athletic trainers, medical professionals and advocates in Oregon.


  • OATS Hall of Fame

  • OATS Young Professional Award

  • OATS Ally Award

  • OATS Athletic Training Service Award

  • Golden Pillar Award


Nominations for all awards are due by February 1st, 2020.  Awards presented at the District meeting.


CONGRATULATIONS to those who have been honored for their dedication to the profession of Athletic Trainers as well as the Oregon Athletic Trainers Society! The service and leadership they have provided are greatly appreciated and we are honored and privileged to be following in their foot steps. Thank these mentors for all their hard work!

Awards Nomination Forms and Information  >

Committee Chair

Dana Bates

Committee Members

Cari Wood

Amy West

Brynelle Bremner

Ken Takenaka

OATS Hall of Fame

Read Honorees' Bios  >

Class of 2019 

Kathi Stotts

Class of 2018 

Erin Cramer, Cari Wood

Class of 2012 

Dave Sherden

Class of 2011 

Tara Lepp

Class of 2010

Jim Wallis

Class of 2009

Deborah Cagle

Inaugural class of 2007

Dean Adams

NWATA Hall of Fame, NATA 25 year award-1997

Russ Cagle

NATA BOC president from 1998-2002

Richard Irvin

NWATA Hall of Fame

Ken Kladnik

NWATA Hall of Fame, NATA Most

Distinguished Athletic Trainer-1997

Jerry Krummel

NWATA Service Award

​NATA's Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer

2013  Mark Hoffman, ​Tara Lepp

NWATA District Directors Award

2012  Jim Wallis

NWATA Service Award

2010  Jim Wallis, Bryce Gillespie

2009  Jerry Krummel

2006  Shelly Jones

Educator Award (eliminated after 2010)

2010  Dale Isaak, George Fox

2009  Mark Hoffman, Oregon State Univ.

2007  Dave Sherden, Franklin High School

2006  Greg Hill, Linfield

OATS Service Award

2019  Greg Hill

OATS Ally Award

2019  Dr. Brad Butler and Dr. Michael Koester

2018  Dr. Mark Colville


OATS Young Professional Award

2019  Ryan Rockwood

2018  Dustin Girard


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What is an Athletic Trainer?

Athletic trainers are health care professionals who collaborate with physicians and other health care professionals to provide preventative services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions. For more information regarding the profession of Athletic Training visit the NATA.

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